Our Society

A society made up of dedicated organic herb cultivators in Laconia.

 We are not just a brand.
We are a Society, contemporary people, dedicated to establishing a strong community of
herb farmers in Laconia, connected by their ethical beliefs.

We are transparent.
We are producers not traders. We cultivate, harvest, process, select and package our own herbs.
There is nothing to hide nor anything to forget that’s why all of our packages have information on them regarding
the field where the herbs grew and the season they were harvested.

We are bound by our love for nature.
All of our farms are certified organic because we believe in the sustainable management of agricultural lands while
we are always in a constant effort to have a positive imprint on the local environment.

We believe in growing at a pace that will ensure no discounts are made on our values.
We want to have full control over our herbs so that we can ensure that what is being offered to you will always
remain of superior quality.

We are filled with a strong desire to preserve and share the botanical treasures of Laconia. We promote the
cultivation of local species and get involved actively in the creation of the Greek Herbs seed bank.

LHS PhraseWe are a society built on the values of honesty and respect for nature

About us

We are a Society, contemporary people, dedicated to establishing a strong community of organic Herb Farmers in Laconia, connected by their love and enthusiasm for Aromatic and Medicinal plants and bound by one vision...to preserve the magic of nature while building a new ethical trade story.

We cultivate Herbs. We start by planting the seed and go all the way to sealing the product.Harvesting, drying, separation, selection, distillation and packaging are all performed in our fully facilitated and certified processing plant in Monemvasia, Laconia.

Why Choose us

Our herbs grow in farms that have only recently been revived. They are all located at a safe distance from areas of intense farming and many of them are even within Natura 2000 network of protected areas. Their soil is pure and fertile since it has rested for many years and of course it goes without saying that all of our farms are certified organic under EU legislation.

We strive to produce quality herbs. We believe that this can be achieved only by caring for each and every plant individually. It means in other words executing most of our cultivating activities -like weeding or harvesting- by hand. Our herbs are “handmade” and this is why they only come in small batches.

We want you to know where our herbs are cultivated. That’s why in every product of LHS you will find the name of the farm that they grew and the season they were harvested. We are transparent and invite you to become our guest in Laconia so that you can visit the places where our aromas and flavors are born.

Laconian Herb Society

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